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Splitter Light 4.0

Overview Splitter light 4.0

Short description

You want to save your data to floppy disks, but the file is too large ? With Splitter Light you can split the data in parts of 1.44 MB or other sizes. Because Splitter is extremely small (only 55KB), you can deliver it easily with the first disk for joining. Splitter is a freeware tool, written by Martin Stoeckli.

Download Splitter

Operating systems: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win7

Splitter Light Download (all files) Version Languages View readme file MD5 checksum
Standard splitl40.zip (36 KB) 4.0.3 English, German readme.html, liesmich.html 93783FD6F73767CED570F78776F77B6C
Spanish* splitl40es.zip (37 KB) 4.0.3 English, Spanish leame.html 0B0FAAA18CEA036F1E7742616F93DFC1
Italian** splitl40it.zip (36 KB) 4.0.3 English, Italian leggimi.html FE631A80898BCA724E48E67192B00500

* Thanks to (Argentina) for the spanish translation.
** Thanks to Maurizio Di Mattia for the italian translation.

Older version

To rejoin parts created by an older version (3.1 or smaller), you need the predecessor of Splitter Light. You can recognize this parts by the two digit number in front of the filename (01filename.ext, 02filename.ext, ...). You will be able to download this version for backwards compatibility, as long as this site exists.

For backwards compatibility Version
splitt31.zip (36 KB) 3.1

What's new in this version

This version now includes a predefined size for 4.7 GB DVD's, and takes into account the current system font.

Why another file splitter ?

All you can do with Splitter, you can do as well with a compress utility like WinZip (disk span option), nevertheless there are some reasons to use Splitter:


Splitter Light is freeware, you can make free copies, give it to friends or do whatever you want to do with it. However, you are not allowed to redistribute it in any modified form, or to earn money by selling the tool.


Copyright 2003 by: Martin Stoeckli


You can always visit Splitter's homepage for more information or to check for the current version. If you should have problems, questions or suggestions about Splitter Light, or if you simply find it useful, don't hesitate to send me an email. I can answer your emails in english or german.

Homepage www.martinstoeckli.ch/splitter
E-Mail address

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Splitter also split video- and audio files (e.g. AVI, MP3, ...) ?
Splitter only splits files into several parts, regardless of the file type. That means you can split such files, but you won't get two independend video files, before you can watch the movie again, you have to join the parts. If you want to get two video files, you need a special splitter program, which knows the specific file format.
I splitted a large file with an old version of Splitter, now i can't unsplit the parts, i get the error message "invalid access to memory location".
There was a bug in the older versions 2.3/3.0 of Splitter, in the section known bugs you can download a repairtool.
By joining a file, Splitter asks for file *.h001 but the file doesn't exist !
Make sure, you have selected one of the parts instead of the original file. This often happens by quickly testing Splitter, when you split a file and don't select one of the parts for unsplitting.
Why does Splitter complain about an invalid size ?
Splitter only accepts integer numbers (without decimal point). If you need a smaller size (for example 0.5 MB), you can select the next smaller unit (KB) and type 512 KB instead. 1024 Bytes = 1KB, 1024 KB = 1MB, 1024 MB = 1 GB
I have an old diskette, the data was stored by another computer. Now i try to read back the files but i get the error message "diskette is not formatted", i am sure i was able to save data to this diskette!
I can't really explain this problem and it's not related to Splitter, but i encountered it a few times. I found a possibility to read back the data anyway, by pressing the diskette eject button with exactly the right pressure. The pressure should be not to strong (diskette should stay in the drive) and not to weak, then the position of the diskette will change sligthly. Keep this pressure as long as you copy the data to the harddisk. Of course your diskette can be actually damaged, but it's worth a try.
What programming language was used to write Splitter ?
Splitter Light is written in Borland Delphi, though i used a lot of Win32-API calls to make it as small as possible.