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Known bugs of Splitter

There is only one known bug of Splitter at the moment and it belongs to the early version 2.3/3.0.

001) Invalid header bug


By joining the parts of a big file, at the very beginning you get the error message "invalid access to memory location". This error occures only if the splitted file was bigger than 2GB and if it was splitted with version 3.0 or earlier. The bug was fixed in version 3.1.

Splitter 3.0 and former versions weren't yet able to split files bigger than 2GB. While splitting, the parts were written correctly, but the size of the original file was written wrong into the header of the first file. The error was caused while splitting, but only when joining the parts it raised an error message.

What you can do

If you splitted a single file (not an entire folder), then you can recover your data by yourself. Most of the time this will be the case, because seldom you will split a folder containing files bigger than 2GB.

Below you can download a repairtool, which is able to recover splitted files with an invalid header. After all parts are unsplitted it will ask for the next part (because it doesn't know how many parts were involved), but then you can press "Cancel" and your originalfile should be restored correctly.

Download SplitterRepairBug001 SplitterRepairBug001.zip