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About me

Writing this page I wondered hundreds of times what could be so interesting about me, that other people would read this page. I very nearly left it out, but then I caught myself reading other programmers' homepages, simply because I used their software and was curious about the person who wrote it.

My portrait

My name is Martin Stoeckli and I was born 1972 in Bern (Switzerland).

I'm living in Oberburg with my wife Barbara and our two children Anja and Livia. Oberburg is about 20 Km from Bern in the german speaking part of Switzerland, so english isn't my native language and surely I make a lot of mistakes... (if you should find one, you may keep it).

After finishing the software engineering school, I started working in a small software development company. It's my job to write GIS (geographical information system) applications, e.g. to manage water pipes or to create maps in the internet.

Since many years I'm a vegetarian, not because of religion or healthy, rather because I disagree with todays treatment and "production" of animals. However I wouldn't push anybody to do the same, it's not always easy to explain the reasons to other peoples and it's a decision everybody has to make for himself.

In my spare time I have a lot of interests (and would have even more if the week hadn't only seven days). Two times a week I'm doing sports, it's surely the most important hobby for me and it makes a good contrast to my physical quiet job.

From a child I like reading books, especially fantasy novels, I'm still fascinated of them. My tip for fantasy fans (and all others of course) is the series The Black Magician Trilogy from Trudi Canavan.

Then of course I'm writing software, it's my job, but it's still a hobby for me too. Writing software is very time consuming, and it was always my goal to write good quality software. That's why there are not many tools available, all of them you can find on this site.

If you want to contact me, don't hesitate to send an email to .