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Looking for a simple note taking app, which respects your privacy? SilentNotes is just that, a notepad always ready to collect your ideas and other text memos. The full-text search allows quickly finding your notes, just by typing a few letters.

The Windows application can be downloaded directly with the button below, the Android app is available at the Android play store, and both of them can be used for free.

Did you get a warning from the Windows SmartScreen ?

Share the notes almost everywhere
Share cross platform

Write your ideas en route on your Android phone, and finish the notes on your Windows PC at home. Or copy paste an article at home and share it with the computer at the office. Wherever you are, SilentNotes is at hand to remember what you need later.

Cloud synchronization

SilentNotes uses end-to-end encryption to protect your notes, they never leave the device unencrypted. Whether you store them in a public cloud, or on the server of your own homepage, nobody has access but you. We should not have to pay with our privacy, to benefit from new technologies.

Work offline
Wifi off

SilentNotes does not require an internet connection to run, the notes are stored locally on the device. Synchronization with the cloud is done only on demand and in encrypted form. With synchronization you get an easy and safe backup.

How does the encryption work?

Before the notes are synchronized anywhere, they become encrypted. A strong key is generated on your device, it can be viewed by opening the menu Show transfer code, so you don't have to remember another password. This transfer code is kept private and never leaves the device, so nobody, not even the administrator of the online-storage, can read the notes.

When you want to synchronize other devices with the same online-storage, the app on the new device will ask for the transfer code, and you will have to enter it manually. From now on, the device will remember the transfer code and can use it to decrypt the notes.

What algorithms are supported?
Currently supported algorithms are Aes-256-Gcm and Twofish-256-Gcm, both of them offer symmetric authenticated encryption. As soon as we can find a reliable portable implementation, we want to support XChaCha20-Poly1305 as well.
Are the notes encrypted on the device?
No the notes are stored in readable form on the device, the encryption is applied before data is sent to the internet. This decision was made, to make recovery of the notes easier in case of a damaged device. Android already protects the notes from other applications, and a key stored on the device cannot reliably protect the notes. However, we plan to allow encryption of selected notes with a user defined password.

Online storage

What services can be used to store the notes?
Currently FTP and WebDav and Dropbox are supported. A lot of email providers and hosting companies offer WebDav, so often you can use their cloud storage solution. We continuously add specific providers to the list, if you have a request, please send us an email to .
I'm running my own website, can I use it as online storage?
Yes probably this is possible. Usually web hostings offer to create an FTP account, and this account can be used by SilentNotes for synchronization. The directory must have read, write and listing privileges.

Data privacy statement

SilentNotes doesn't collect personal data. Calls to the internet are done solely for proper operation of the software, or if explicitely specified by the user. No unnecessary privileges are required to start the application.