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Everybody working with computers has a collection of favorite software. I myself don't easily switch to "non standard" software, but some of them are so indispensable for me, that i want to introduce them on this page.

Firefox Thunderbird Opensource
I was looking for a comfortable, standalone, and particularly a more safe internet browser. In Firefox i found exactly what i was looking for, and Thunderbird is the belonging email reader (both are independent of each other). They are more safe because of following reasons (my own opinion):
  • The settings for browser and email reader are independent, so the email reader can be set very restrictive.
  • Emails are displayed well formatted, but no script will execute and no attachement can run automatically.
  • Browser and email reader are not as tight coupled with the operating system, as the Internet Explorer is.
FastStone Image Viewer Freeware
(for private use)
This image viewer is a marvel! There is all you need to retouch your photos, from cropping and resizing to "red eye removal" and picture comparison, you can find a useful set of features, each implemented in an excellent way. The FastStone Image Viewer always tries to preserve the picture quality, rotations are done lossless, exif-informations from the camera and compression rate are kept from the original picture. A lot of other functions like batch processing, slideshow, preparing of emails, makes it worth a donation, even if not expected.
UltraEdit 32 Shareware I like this text editor UltraEdit 32 very much, it works like a charm and is solid and stable. I edited huge files in various formats like ansi text, unix formatted text, and binary files in hex mode. Other goodies are syntax highlighting, file comparing, directory searching etc...


On this sites you will find some interesting articles i can recommend. Some of them may be available only in german.

Heise security Internet security My favorite site, to stay up to date in themes of internet security. Experts of the business are describing also more advanced techniques and are explaining the how and why of security holes. With a considerable collection of checks, you can test the vulnerability of your browser. More for the experienced computer user.
selfhtml.org HTML, CSS & JavaScript An awesome extensive reference for all questions of web publishing. It explains all the questions of HTML, CSS and JavaScript you need to write your own web site. If you are ready to go to the bottom of HTML, SELFHTML is e very good place to start (and to continue).
www.csszengarden.com CSS The visit of the CSS Zen Garden gave me the motivation to rewrite my homepage and use CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) for the whole design. The result you can see just on this page, not a single line of JavaScript was necessary and the design is entirely separated from the HTML content.


Other useful sites.

www.topten.info Energy saving You need a new appliance and want to know the currently most ecologically friendly device? With it you can save ressources and not least money. At topten you can find, clearly arranged, the best devices of the categories household, cars, lighting and many more.